• A Trip with a Twist! 36 photos


    This summer, thirty-five teenagers from Ain Najm experienced quite an incredible stay in Spain. In fact, they visited the country not only to learn its language but also to explore its culture. The journey started in Salamanca on the first day of July and ended 3 weeks later. What we can simply say is that it has given our students the opportunity to practice Spanish and to unfold the rich cultural aspects of Spain.
    Our students took Spanish courses in the morning for three weeks. Then they sat for an exam that they all passed with merit and distinction! The award ceremony was an unprecedented event, for it was held at the Town Hall of Salamanca.
    The kids benefitted from a plethora of activities in the afternoon. In fact, they strolled and cycled in the old town, pedaled in the Tormes River, swayed to salsa rhythms and cooked delicious Spanish meals.
    The weekends were a different story. The students got the chance to explore the towns of Segovia and Alberca, the capital city Madrid and Portugal!
    This cultural trip allowed our teenagers to get in touch with Spanish practically not just through lessons. That’s the addition we like to provide our students with, that’s the openness we like to preach!