• A presentation of Dr. Elie Al Hindi about the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) 4 photos


    Dr. Elie Al Hindy Associate Professor of Government and International Relations at Notre Dame University- Louaize (NDU), President of the NGO ALEF, Director of the Middle East Institute for Research and Strategic Studies, Senior Trainer in Adyan's Institute of Citizenship and Diversity Management and Advisor to the International Center for Transitional Justice in Lebanon met with the Grade 10 students and spent an hour with them where he was able to shed the light on how Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) started, the different types of NGOs and their mission, the importance of building a career in NGOs and how students can start at an early age working with them in order to live the passion of a benevolent experience. More than 7 short movies with powerful messages were shared with the students. This gathering was the launch of the Social Project that the students will be working on in different stages and groups from now until the wrap up on December 21st.