• Session about Media to the Scout's movement 7 photos

    Guides et Scouts

    On the morning of March 3, 2018, an orientation session about Media was given to the young girls of our Scout's movement by Mrs. Gloria Mattar.
    Everybody spent nice moments in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with a delicious breakfast. During this session, a brief explanation was given to the girls about the different jobs that are related to Media and about their importance in the development of our society. Moreover, the need of Media towards the growth of businesses around the world was targeted, during which, the girls were given the opportunity to try and brainstorm for ideas that can help in developing a famous Business Brand with the help of Media. The session was concluded when each team presented his ideas and was able to learn the impact of advertising on brands today. Finally, a big thank you to Mrs. Carla Sfeir and Saint Coeurs Ain Najm who always give the importance to all kinds of training for the sake of improvement and a better learning environment.