• A day well spent, Grade8 31 photos


    On Monday 22nd October, we had the chance to visit the beautiful Lebanese village “Koura”. The aim of this outing is to see the importance of self-sufficiency which is the quality of feeling secure and being able to take care of oneself and provide everything one needs especially food, without the help of other people or sources.
    For that purpose, we went to Mr. Claude, who owns a land and a farm in Koura, to show us how we can rely on animals such as goats and hens to get milk, eggs, and meat in a very natural and healthy way without the need to go to the markets and pay money. Also the presence of a donkey is very important since it facilitates the transport of the branches of the olive trees down from the valley to the farm. In addition to that, we had the chance to harvest some olives and see how we can make olive oil and then use it to make soap, so it’s all about self-sufficiency from our surroundings which is economic and time consuming at the same time. Not to forget to mention how much we had fun when we rode bicycles, went hiking and found some time to pray in St. Elie’s church.
    This special day will be forever graved in our hearts since we discovered a wonderful place in Lebanon that we didn’t know about and at the same time acquired the importance of self-sufficiency in life.

    Joya Abboud