• Trip to Spain organized by Edulibano 10 photos


    Students from Saints Coeurs Ain Najm, in addition to students from other schools of Lebanon have participated this year in a tailored cultural trip to Spain organized by Edulibano. It was a very rich cultural experience whereas they studied the language, discovered the country with a local history and art teacher (Salamanca, Segovia, La Alberca and Madrid) and participated in many cultural activities (Bachata dance class, paella cooking class…). Also, they were exposed to many different cultures from the whole world. This has imminently resulted in a major transformation among all the students in terms of openness and acceptance towards diverse culture, in addition to broadening their social skills and nurturing their sense of responsibility. Thanks to the homogeneity of the program, the students were able to build strong bonds among themselves, acquire team-work skills and build confidence and maturity.
    The Saints Coeurs Ain Najem students in particular got very good results and they were a reference to all other participating students thanks to their outstanding attitude and thirst to learn.