• The uniqueness of the Annoubine experience 22 photos


    Following the steps of hundreds of saints before us, we, SSCC Ain Najm’s senior students, started an unforgettable journey in Lebanon' most renowned valley.
    In fact, our walk in Quadisha Valley included several stops where we prayed and contemplated the beautiful nature around us. The prevailing silence led us to reflect on the past 15 years that we have spent together.

    On this spiritual journey, we learned to leave everything behind by packing only what was indispensible such as food and some necessary tools.

    But it was only during the night mass that we were able to let go of everything holding us back from achieving our full potential. The following morning, we started our walk at 5 am by visiting the hermit Darios. Finally, we wrapped our day with a quick evaluation to revisit our wonderful journey!

    The uniqueness of the Annoubine experience is that apart from strengthening the bond that ties us together, it has definitely helped us create a deeper connection with our roots and develop a better understanding of ourselves.