• Vex Robotics competition 2015-2016 7 photos

    Club Robotique

    The VEX robotics team of SSCC Ain Najm kicked off its adventure in late 2015. It was a step forward for a high school that looked everywhere to improve its reputation and student body. The goal of this team, other than winning awards and competitions, is to instill technological know-how in prospective STEM university students.
    The team members were Jad Farah, Karl Harfouche, Rayan El Haddad, Kevin Abou Saleh, Franco Bato, and Joy Abou Saleh led by coaches Assaad Mrad and Hadi Farah. To meet the intended goals, the coached agreed on only leading the students who should do the bulk of the work and, in the end, acquire programming and design skills pertinent to the development of a robot from scratch. The team name was chosen to be “Optimus Primates” signaling a sense of passion towards technological survival and flourishment!
    The robot, for this year’s competition, was to be a basketball player! Placed in an initial position on a special competition field, the robot HAD to pick up a ball and shoot it to score a goal at a higher altitude. The students spent about three months trying out different designs. Through mental assessment and trial and error, the final product was a combination of the best ball intake, transmission, and throwing systems and programming practices. The students wrote a design notebook describing the various design stages of the robot.
    Throughout this time, the team was faced with the very same challenges encountered by professional robot builders. The team benefited from encountering issues such as unpredictability of performance, time shortages and distribution of tasks among members. The learning curve was high for many reasons including the fact that the system was built by the students in its entirety. This was a primary factor in the judges’ decision to award us the prestigious best design award! Indeed, the all-nighter the members went through the night before the competition was living proof of the passion for victory among the team.
    On competition day, we were surprised by the poor performance of the ball throwing system and consequently, even though the teams was working hard into its 24th consecutive hour of work, the robot didn’t go as far as intended. However, in the end, with one of the most sought for awards in hand, we can return home happy from the epic overall learning experience and memories and from receiving a best design award for the simplicity of our robot!!