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    Année 2018-2019 FlashBack SSCC Ain Najm Calling for all Alumni Scouts, Guides, Missionnaires, Club Sportif Samedi 18 mai 2019 à 21h00


    Année 2017-2018 9ème Rencontre Annuelle AASSCC à SSCC Ain Najm


    Meeting 2015-2016

    In the purpose of reuniting in a fruitful atmosphere, we are inviting you to attend and actively participate in our event “Gathering and Networking” that will be held on May 18, 2016, at 19:00, we are counting on your attendance and participation as part of “Saints Coeurs Ain Najm” Family.

    Far from being a traditional and typical event where your participation is limited to a physical presence, this occasion provides an opportunity for you to:

    • Meet your classmates ,
    • Expand your network which could reinforce your social connections and career horizons,
    • Join “Saints Coeurs Ain Najm ALUMNI” in order to prepare for the election of an official Committee.

    While awaiting your confirmation and looking forward to your participation, we thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    P.S: Do not forget your Business Card!




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