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    A Note from the SOI

    Dear SSCC Ain Najm students

    My name is Karla Sfeir, this is my third year at SSCC Ain Najm and I am in charge of the SOI.  I am excited to get started on a new adventure with you, a new school year which I hope will be a successful one.  I am here to help you navigate through the wonderful and sometimes challenging path awaiting you.

    I promise you that I will do my best to work diligently with you to help you be engaged, to foster achievement and inspire you to reach excellence.  My principal goal is to assist you with your future educational, personal, and career planning.  

    Have a great academic year 2019-2020.



    FUTURAMA 2019-2020


    Meet UK Universities in Beirut​

    Universities’ Applications Procedure

    Préparation au concours de médecine
    SPCE - En partenariat avec SPNC

    Preparatory course for the Medical School 


    Lumière sur les métiers d'un Scientifique



    Université Antonine




    Cir-1920-018 Salon Destination France- ESA- 2S

    Cir-1920-015 Balamand Achrafieh Open Doors- 2S

    Cir-1920-014 ALBA Open Doors- 2S

    Cir-1920-005 SAT Preparatory Course- 2S

    SOI 2018-2019



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