• Navigating through the Digital Era....Safely! 14 photos


    In a world where the internet has become a major tool, particularly for teenagers, it is high time we raised awareness about the risks that come along. Who better than the Lebanese Internal Security Forces to inform grade 10 and 11 students about the world of cybercrime and bullying prevention?!

    With his expertise and knowledge, First Lieutenant Jimmy Yammine, provided the students with practical tips to minimize their vulnerability to online threats. These steps include creating strong and unique passwords, being cautious while clicking on suspicious links or downloading unfamiliar files, and regularly updating their devices and software for enhanced security. As for bullying prevention, the students were encouraged to speak up against bullying behavior, both online and offline, and to support and empathize with those who may be targeted.
    By emphasizing prevention measures, the training aimed to empower students to proactively protect themselves and others, fostering a culture of digital responsibility and safety.
    We thank the IT department in ISF and First Lieutenant Yammine for this much needed awareness session.

    To report any cybercrime: