• The Cedar... More than Just a Tree! 40 photos


    What a fantastic way for grade 10 students to celebrate Lebanon's independence! It is in this respect that they delved into a journey of exploring Lebanon's emblematic symbol: the cedar tree through a holistic approach covering not only its literary and cultural significance, but also its ecological, economic and artistic importance. The culmination of the project was a memorable day spent in the amazing shade of the cedars, where the students benefited from the knowledge shared by Dr. Youssef Tawk, who has been replanting cedars in the purpose of safeguarding them. With Dr. Tawk and a number of volunteers, our students planted cedar trees in the hope of reforesting the area. The day concluded with a refreshing hike amid the green and majestic trees. There, our adventurers had a moment of reflection and self-expression through writings and drawings inspired by this unique experience. In their final stop, the students bought souvenirs from the locals to forever mark this amazing journey!
    We thank the teachers of civic education, HGA, SVT, SES, French, Arabic and AP for their involvement as well as Dr. Youssef Tawk and the team for being such generous hosts.