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    Down Syndrome day is celebrated worldwide on the 21st of March in the purpose of raising awareness about the disability and removing the stigma that has long been associated with people who have it. It is in this respect that we were pleased to welcome among us two special guests: Mr. Tony Baroud, the famous TV presenter and advocate of the rights of people with disability and Ms. Mia Farah, an amazing young woman with Down Syndrome who has been to many countries promoting the cause of people like her.
    The session, held virtually, was an eye opener for our high schoolers on many levels, be it on the emotional one, the humanistic one or the social. From Mia’s resilience and wise words, they came to realize that each one of us can be an important asset in society regardless of disability. From Mr. Baroud’s encouragement and support to Mia, they learnt that success in life is a lot more than just fame and wealth but rather a deep connection with our fellow humans.
    When Ms. Danielle Obeid, the moderator of the session, asked Mia, “How would you like people to refer to you?” “I am Mia”, resonated with confidence. The session ended with a shower of virtual hearts sent to Mia.
    Nada Sacre
    Head of Division S1-S2 LP