• Leadership and team work training. Délégués 6e/5e 6 photos


    The leadership session that I attended on the 21st and 22nd of April helped me build my self-confidence and identify my strengths and weaknesses. It is in this session that I realized how big of an impact my parents have on my life. In fact, they are my idols! Also, my friends shower me with support, respect and kindness because they like me the way I am!
    In this training, I learnt that in a team, all the members can freely share their opinions and cooperate to reach their goals. The team leader’s role is to listen and respect all points of view to be able to make the right decisions.

    Now I know that what I like most about myself is the will to help all people around me despite our differences, but I still have to better manage my emotions. As a leader, I should always have a positive attitude and be a true source of motivation for others. I should highlight success and reward achievements too. Concerning my leadership skills, I can honestly say that I am at a 9/10. I believe that a person always has skills to improve and qualities to hone to become a better leader.

    This was a helpful and interesting session. I hope we will all become great leaders and make the world a better place!

    Clara Maroun
    Grade 6 - D

    My role as a team leader is to motivate others, support them and ensure their success, especially that I am surrounded by people who also encourage me greatly. These are my parents, who are my idols because of their constant motivation and guidance.
    What makes me a leader is actually a number of traits: I am helpful and caring, and I am always ready to provide assistance to others. From now on, I will try to be more of that positive person who inspires and influences others to think differently. In addition, I want my friends to enjoy my company, and learn to focus on what they can control and let go of what they cannot. Finally, I want to teach everybody to be positive and happy, so that they are fit both physically and mentally.
    Lynn El Tahch
    Grade 6-D

    If I were a team leader, I would share positivity with my teammates and put a smile on their faces in hard times and good ones. I would also offer never-ending support, guidance and help to solve difficult problems through effective communication. In addition, I would encourage the members of my team to reach their targets. This will give me satisfaction and confidence.
    There are three things that I like about myself. These are being positive, hardworking and supportive. Additionally, I like myself the most when I am around my friends, my family, that is people that I love and trust because they encourage me constantly.
    After the session, I realized that I have low self-confidence, and that I am very shy. That’s why I avoid giving speeches in public or making decisions. Sometimes, I let my emotions control me, and I behave rudely. I would like to improve my self-confidence to become a great leader. Moreover, my aim is to identify my feelings, regulate them and accept them. Once I do that, I will know when and how to express myself and how to improve my relationships to become a better decision-maker.

    Anthony Nawfal
    Grade 7 – C

    When asked about her opinion on leadership, Romy Hakim (Grade 6 – A) gave the following feedback:
    1. What is a team leader’s role?
    In my opinion, a team leader’s role is to guide, motivate and empower others so that they reach their goals.
    2. If there is one thing you would change to be a better leader, what would it be?
    I would like to have more control over my anger because I am a person who gets easily irritated.
    3. How would you be able to change it?
    I believe that being surrounded by supportive and good people is really helpful. They would listen to my problems, reduce my anger and help me become a better person. I strongly believe that my friends would help me express my feelings and get over my weaknesses and problems.
    Finally, Romy ended her testimony by giving her leadership skills 10/10.
    Way to go Romy!