• A session with Benon: The Art of Influencing People! 4 photos


    On Wednesday, April 28, SSCC Ain Najm alumnus, Mr. Benon Aghjayan, a professional public speaker and content creator, gave us valuable information about how we can influence those around us.
    Mr. Aghajayan started off by mentioning that there are actually several points that make us influential. In fact, understanding others and embodying leadership skills will help us love those around us and better communicate with them. Our guest speaker then proceeded and explained that we should always seek personal development and self-growth to improve our body language and other characteristics we might feel need to be developed. Next, he explained the ‘80/20” theory. This latter basically means giving in 80% of your efforts to the “top 20%” of any group; eventually, this will create a ripple effect and our influence will grow bigger. Moreover, influencers are also characterized by having a vision of what they are planning, by caring about others and by being altruistic. However, Mr. Aghajyan was clear when he mentioned that influencers in society should identify the weaknesses in their character as well and learn to better manage them to avoid affecting others negatively. Also, influencers should never lose their self-confidence or else people will think that they are weak and will consequently refrain from taking their advice into account. Most importantly, the influencers should guide the person seeking assistance to analyze what is wrong by asking smart questions about the subject. An influencer is also characterised by humility and by the ability to reach their goals even if this meant sacrificing time and outings. Mr. Aghjayan reminded us that we need to acknowledge our mistakes and strive to find ways to fix them when they occur.
    The session ended with our guest reminding us to work on becoming influencers as of now because it is never too early. It was so insightful and beneficial for us that we are looking forward for more similar webinars.

    Elias Sarkis
    2de A