• "Je Filme Le Metier Qui Me Plaît". 6 photos

    Concours et Lauréats

    Five students in grade 11 took part in the international competition "Je Filme Le Metier Qui Me Plaît". Out of more than 1500 videos, the one they prepared "Beirut Will Rise" got shortlisted and reached the finals. Now they are among 30 short movies competing for the 1st prize!
    It is in this respect that today, Peter Ouweida, was hosted by MTV to shed light on the competition and the impact that the video had.
    All the best to you all: Elie Chaaya, Jenny Elia, Joy Samia, Maria Rita Kodeih and Peter Ouweida!
    To view the video, click the link: https://www.mtv.com.lb/vod/en/video/216529