• The Economic Crisis in Lebanon: Yes, There is a Way Out! 4 photos


    Who hasn’t wondered about the causes of the current economic crisis in Lebanon or about its consequences? Who hasn’t hoped that one day very soon we would figure out a way to get out of this dire situation? Well, it is in this respect that the students of S2E and 1ere SPE SES had the chance to meet with four specialists from Bassel Fuleihan institute who shed light on public finances and the crisis that we are going through.

    The session, which was interactive, gave us the opportunity to ask many questions to which we did not have answers. We delved into the core of a number of topics. In fact, we learnt more about Lebanon’s public debt and the causes of the current economic crisis. Moreover, we expanded our knowledge to cover issues like public deficit, public sector debt, and Lebanon’s subdued growth. The session also covered the balance of payments and the management of public resources.

    The trainers, who ended the meeting on a positive note, presented a list of suggested solutions to overcome the economic crisis. Here are some:
    1- Preparing for new elections.
    2-Securing foreign support through a deal with the IMF.
    3- Finding a way to regain the people's trust in banks and in public policies.
    4- Protecting the most vulnerable segments of the population.

    We left the meeting not only more knowledgeable, but also more optimistic about the future of Lebanon, a brighter future in which we will be the main contributors!

    Lea Oraibi and Tia Akl.