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    Année 2019-2020

    NEW/ALUMNI SSCC AIN NAJM - New Board Elections​

    Following the elections of the Alumni that took place last week, we have the pleasure to announce to you the names of the new Board of SSCC Ain Najm Alumni. The Final result of the voting is as follows:

    After internal discussions, the seven elected candidates agreed on the following distribution of tasks:

    President: Christian Chemaly
    Vice President: Anthony Nassar
    Secretary and spokesman: Fouad Saddi
    Treasurer: Elias Selwan
    Accountant: Anthony Nassar
    Members: Benon Aghjayjan - Maria Karam - Ornella Bsaibes




    To all alumni of SSCC Ain Najm
    We are happy to inform you that for the first time the Alumni Association of SSCC Ain Najm is introducing online voting as part of its electoral process in order to implicate as much members as possible, in addition to the regular voting process to be held during the general assembly on Friday 31st of January 2020.

    Online voting will take place on Thursday the 30th of January 2020.

    To participate in the voting process, each Alumnus/Alumna is kindly requested to fill in the application form via this link:

    https://forms.gle/YhGaaqhouTsiZuSf8 by Wednesday the 29th, in order to ensure he/she receives the voting access credentials in his/her respective inbox.
    Good luck to all Candidates and Voters!

    Année 2018-2019 FlashBack SSCC Ain Najm Calling for all Alumni Scouts, Guides, Missionnaires, Club Sportif Samedi 18 mai 2019 à 21h00


    Année 2017-2018 9ème Rencontre Annuelle AASSCC à SSCC Ain Najm


    Meeting 2015-2016

    In the purpose of reuniting in a fruitful atmosphere, we are inviting you to attend and actively participate in our event “Gathering and Networking” that will be held on May 18, 2016, at 19:00, we are counting on your attendance and participation as part of “Saints Coeurs Ain Najm” Family.

    Far from being a traditional and typical event where your participation is limited to a physical presence, this occasion provides an opportunity for you to:

    • Meet your classmates ,
    • Expand your network which could reinforce your social connections and career horizons,
    • Join “Saints Coeurs Ain Najm ALUMNI” in order to prepare for the election of an official Committee.

    While awaiting your confirmation and looking forward to your participation, we thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    P.S: Do not forget your Business Card!




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